Dolphin Haus is an intitiative to re-think the true meaning of education which is, in our perspective, derived from building connection with other people, livings and nature like dolphins. We aim to design programs and activities for our participants, children and adults alike, to develop wholeperson qualities through learning language, living culture and building community. Our ultimate goal is simply to create a loving and sustainable community within which everyone can share with and benefit from each other. We are a small team but we think BIG.

Dolphin Haus は, イルカ達が自然の中でコミュニティを構築し、共に協力しながら生活しているのと同様に、人間と自然との繋がりを育てる教育を提供します。参加者は言語学習と生活文化、参加者間のコミュニティ構築を通じてコミュニケーション能力を身につけることができます。

我々は、愛される持続可能なコミュニティを構築することで世界中の人たちと共有し、役に立ちたいというビジョンがあります。私たちは小さなチームですが, 大きなビジョンを持っています.


Dolphin Haus is always in search for individuals or organizations round the world to collaborate on creating unconventional programs and events for our participants to re-think the true meaning of learning. Our first project began in July 2018, thanks to the help from Wakasa Wada Surf Lifesaving Club, on promoting the importance of learning about the ocean through surf lifesaving activities for young children called Nippers. In the near future, we are looking forward to initiating programs in outdoor sports, farming, arts and crafts and much more for both children and adults.